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Rising Loaf update

When I started this blog site, I set some goals.

I’ve been writing about a variety of things that I didn’t really expect to write about, but that’s okay. I’ve enjoyed the process.

I still want to make sure I don’t forget why I began this blog, so for that reason I’ll post this little update.

GOAL: I’d like to lose the extra 100 pounds I’m carrying.
HOW’M I DOING? I am not progressing very fast with this at all. A couple of pounds down in the last few weeks, which is better than nothing. If only I could develop the magical power I once dreamed about: the ability to shrink a stomach just by pointing at it. I’d be rich! I will, however, recommit every day.

GOAL: I’d like to practice healthy eating habits.
HOW’M I DOING? Making some headway here, but I could do better. Salad has made a comeback, but salad is saying “Hey, make me the main course!” Meanwhile, cookies have been sneaky. I must be on alert. I didn’t buy any new ones, but we discovered a frozen tube of cookie dough and I am not made of iron, sadly.

GOAL: I’d like to spend more time doing creative tasks.
HOW’M I DOING? Excellently. I am feeling good about this. As you can see from the site, I’ve been posting a lot, doing a lot of little illustrations, and I’m also getting work done on other projects. Score!

GOAL: I’d like to spend less time wandering around on the internet.
HOW’M I DOING? It depends on your perspective. I’m not actually sure I’m spending less, BUT I think I am wandering less. Instead, I’m looking at the net more wisely, mostly starting with sites on my Spaceport, but now also browsing WordPress blogs for inspiring works to read. I have no idea what is going on in the world now, except I heard there was a storm in the East. Sounds like Sauron’s back.

GOAL: I’d like to pursue my passion for writing more consistently so that I can actually get published.
HOW’M I DOING? See above about creativity. I am definitely taking this more seriously, which is why the blog site has expanded its purpose. It’s still about wanting to better myself, but now I’m also hoping to benefit anyone with similar goals. I’m working on a project now that I hope to have available soon for readers.

GOAL: I’d like to develop a stronger spiritual practice.
HOW’M I DOING? I am halfway to the foundation I need for this practice. As I mentioned in my post about The Search for the Holy Grail, we’ve been visiting a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship with this purpose in mind, for the whole family. I need to supplement this with an additional at-home practice, but I have not developed anything consistent yet.

If anyone would like to share personal goals and progress, I’d love to know how it is going.

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Your Minimalist Choice: Making It Count

clockWhether or not minimalism appeals to you, as it increasingly does to me, there is one aspect of anyone’s life that would benefit from a bit of minimalist thinking: your TIME.

Have you ever been sitting halfway through a movie and started recognizing how lame the movie was? God, this is SO dumb, you think. And you still watch it, perhaps hoping that somehow a hero will fly in to save the day, zipping in out of the sky with his bright fluttery cape, even though it’s not that kind of movie. The credits roll, and you think, why did I waste my time? Continue reading

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Raising Someone’s Future Family

As I was watching my wife goof around with my laughing kids this morning, I was thinking about how my wife and I are raising them, and how they’re not just our kids, but someone’s future family members. Several someones, or many someones, really. Somewhere out there, there just might be people that are going to be a part of their families, and mine as well.

My daughter may be someone’s wife someday. Perhaps someone’s mom. She may be someone’s daughter-in-law, someone’s sister-in-law. She may be someone’s grandma.

My son may be someone’s husband someday. Perhaps someone’s dad. He may be someone’s son-in-law, someone’s brother-in-law. He may be someone’s grandfather. Continue reading

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Office Space Case

deskIn my office, I have a desk.

It is a fine desk. Beautiful, large, and kind of a dark cherry red wood-that-might-not-actually-be-wood. A desk that I sort of liberated from its sad prior existence of languishing in the lobby, abandoned by former staff. In its stead, I left a ramshackle little desk that I bought for five bucks or so at a surplus store years ago. Now that desk is living a sad existence as well, but I try not to look at it so much, because I don’t need the guilt.

In my desk, there is a massive amount of clutter. Continue reading

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Not minimal (yet?) but less

Since I have been working on changing my internet habits, with the reduction of time-wasting and depressing news sites, which has been successful so far, I have read a lot more posts about minimalism. As far as reading about minimalism, I am definitely not being a minimalist reader. But I am enjoying the posts and articles I have read. Many are from the sites linked in my Spaceport page.

Reading all of this has sparked a desire to pare down a bit with my possessions. I’m not exactly pursuing minimalism so much as tailing minimalism in a car behind it, while minimalism goes for its sunday drive in the cherry red Mini Cooper it owns. Continue reading

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