Not minimal (yet?) but less

Since I have been working on changing my internet habits, with the reduction of time-wasting and depressing news sites, which has been successful so far, I have read a lot more posts about minimalism. As far as reading about minimalism, I am definitely not being a minimalist reader. But I am enjoying the posts and articles I have read. Many are from the sites linked in my Spaceport page.

Reading all of this has sparked a desire to pare down a bit with my possessions. I’m not exactly pursuing minimalism so much as tailing minimalism in a car behind it, while minimalism goes for its sunday drive in the cherry red Mini Cooper it owns.

If it were just me, I would definitely be interested in one of those tiny houses that are so appealing to me in some ways, and I would get rid of at least half of all our stuff, if not more. However, I’m not going to force that level of minimalism on my family. Instead, we can pare down a bit. Most of the stuff I give up will be my own things that no one else is attached to, which I think will be liberating. Already, I’ve started, and already I feel a little more calm in my environment. One of the big tasks that seems small, but I promise you it was NOT, was going through my sock drawer and FINALLY getting rid of dozens of pairs of socks I never wear. No longer is my sock drawer so full that I have trouble shutting it. It actually shuts.

I’m going to be tackling various areas in the house over time, selling stuff on eBay and Amazon, planning a yard sale, and donating whatever is left. Enough’s enough.

We should choose our possessions wisely. We carry these things from place to place, so they should be things we truly want. I am interested in seeing how this all plays out for me. How long will I keep it up? Will it become tedious or will I find a passion for minimalist living? And how will my minimalism, if I went so far as to be a minimalist, be tempered by living in a family that doesn’t practice it?

Or maybe they will. My daughter, Ladybug, is getting rid of 1/2 her clothes today or more, because she’s tired of her cluttered closet. Her choice, which I fully supported, although I admit I had to try very hard not to say no to certain items of clothing that make me flash back to days when she was younger and gap-toothed. Nostalgic dad am I, full of sentimentality.

In the end, I relented, and said “Sure. You can toss that, too.”


About J. Parrish Lewis

J. Parrish Lewis writes. He is also the author of The Goblin Road, a fantasy novel, and The Rabbit List. He was born and raised in Maryland. In his youth there, he and his brother had many adventures in the dogwood forests near his home. His nostalgia for these adventures has strongly influenced his characters, their relationships, and their perspective on the world they inhabit. He moved to California’s coast to earn his degree in communications and now lives with his family in the San Joaquin Valley. Lewis is profoundly deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate. He enjoys hazelnut coffee, captioned movies, and walking his dog.
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