About Jay The Baker

Is Jay The Baker truly a baker?

Well, not professionally, and my name’s not Jay either. I do bake a pretty tasty loaf of bread, but it’s best to do so when I know we’ll have a lot of guests over. Otherwise that bread is probably going to meet my stomach.

Why the fake name, then?

I feel like it. Perhaps I want to separate my professional website from a site that’s a bit more personal. Or I’m bored of my name. Either reason is acceptable to me. Is it to you?

Am I human?

Absolutely I am. As far as I know, no one has yet been able to become a robot, and all the robots that exist don’t blog. I think. Being human also means I fail at times. I hope to fail less.

Pessimistic or Optimistic?

I want to say I am optimistic (because I think I can achieve anything I put my mind to), but I worry that if I do, I’ll disappoint you. What a complicated thing a mind is.

What Saturday Morning cartoon shaped my growing mind the most when I was a wee lad?

Thundercats. The real Thundercats, not this recent remake I stumbled across the other day while attempting to brainwash, I mean educate, my kids on what a proper cartoon is all about. Thundercats. Good guys are good guys and complicated. Bad guys are bad guys and more complicated and prone to becoming super mummies.


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