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Rising Loaf update

When I started this blog site, I set some goals. I’ve been writing about a variety of things that I didn’t really expect to write about, but that’s okay. I’ve enjoyed the process. I still want to make sure I … Continue reading

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Setting An Example Can Be Exhausting

I am determined to give Cricket and Ladybug the best chance of reaching adulthood without messing them up. I am not talking about seeking perfection in parenting, which is impossible in most ways. We all make mistakes, which we can … Continue reading

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Opportunity is a State of Mind

Yesterday, I took my kids to a birthday party. Since the parents of the birthday girl are also friends of mine, I wasn’t one of the parents just dropping the kids off and heading elsewhere. I stayed for the company … Continue reading

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The anchor’s a weight

Weight, excess weight, is like an albatross in my life, weighing me down and trapping me in the middle of an unsympathetic ocean. It is an anchor, and not an attractive one. If I sound glum about it, it’s because … Continue reading

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Coffee transfusions

I have tried numerous times to quit coffee because of the caffeine, but don’t tend to last longer than a month. Usually it’s just a few days. Intentions count for something, right? Since it seems the majority of America consists … Continue reading

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A poppyseed of reality

No apology. Minimalist posts allowed here. Anything goes. Two simple truths: Planning out meals in advance increases success rate. Plans go awry, especially if you are a mouse.

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