Setting An Example Can Be Exhausting

roleI am determined to give Cricket and Ladybug the best chance of reaching adulthood without messing them up. I am not talking about seeking perfection in parenting, which is impossible in most ways. We all make mistakes, which we can learn from.

My own mistakes throughout my life are not ones I need my kids to repeat. I can tell them about the mistakes and have them learn from what I’ve experienced, if possible. They could still go on to make the same mistakes. I know it. Anything is possible.

No, I’m not looking to worry myself about this endlessly, but at the same time, being mindful of how I set an example is important. It’s worth thinking about. Not worrying too much about, but thinking about. Taking the time to think: is this what I want them to do when they are older? Continue reading

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Minimalist Consumption of The Web

Spiders are expanding the internet so rapidly, you have to wonder if it’ll reach the size of a virtual universe.

And so much of it is not good for MY mind.

The most extreme minimalist move I could make is to give up internet completely, but I’m not going to do that, so I’ll pare down. I will figure out a simple way to control what mental fodder I spoon-feed my mind every day.

Everyone’s different, so I am not going to spend time trying to convince you that what I consider unhealthy for my own mind is unhealthy for yours. I’ll focus on me, this time. You can decide if anything goes, or if you truly want to take control of what you’re mentally feeding your brain. Continue reading

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Cough Drops

It is perhaps inevitable, since I have two young children, that my exposure to colds has increased. As I write, it seems some unseen hand is pinching my brain in the center, and I think a poltergeist has moved into my throat. Unpleasant.

In the past, getting a cold means automatically picking up an old comfort: orange juice and ginger ale. I would drink this by the bucket if I could. It’s almost worth getting sick just to drink this fantastic concoction. Half ginger ale, half fresh orange juice (NOT from concentrate, please, and mind you don’t forget to leave the pulp in) is ambrosia to me. It is so good. Continue reading

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Opportunity is a State of Mind

brownieYesterday, I took my kids to a birthday party. Since the parents of the birthday girl are also friends of mine, I wasn’t one of the parents just dropping the kids off and heading elsewhere. I stayed for the company and conversation. While the kids rollerskated, I chatted with friends and had a nice time.

Here’s where opportunity crept in, as it usually will on a birthday and most definitely at a birthday party: the brownies had arrived. They had foregone the usual cake in favor of a variety of brownies, including these astoundingly tantalizing brownies fused with cookie dough prior to baking. Sheer brilliance. Sheer, cruel brilliance. Continue reading

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That site’s got fiber, yo!

I think I read the news too much, and it’s depressing.

What’s better, to stay informed about what’s going on in the world and be horrified by the messed up stuff that keeps happening, or to be clueless about it all and perhaps happily in the dark.

I am leaning toward avoiding the news online, and enriching my brain with healthier sites. Perhaps if I really want to read the news, I should watch The Daily Show. At least Jon Stewart can make an inept government seem Laurel and Hardy funny, in some twisted way. Continue reading

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The Search for the Holy Grail

grailWe aren’t the knights of the Round Table, unless it’s the pizza place, but a holy grail we indeed seek.

The grail, the legendary one, I think is more about seeking that tangible connection with the divine.

In our case, a church community is more the grail we would seek to find. A gathering of like-minded individuals that we can connect with during our spiritual practices, whatever they are. For Cricket and Ladybug, that practice is mostly drawing or coloring during Sunday school, though Ladybug has developed a deeper interest in “thinking deeply about God,” as she puts it. She’s currently very interested in the Greek Gods and wants to believe in them. Fine with me. In our house, we practice religious near-freedom. I can’t really say complete freedom, because while we are raising the kids, we don’t want them believing that we’re going to hell for not believing in a particular view of God. If they end up that way later, so be it, but I hope not. Continue reading

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The anchor’s a weight

Weight, excess weight, is like an albatross in my life, weighing me down and trapping me in the middle of an unsympathetic ocean. It is an anchor, and not an attractive one. If I sound glum about it, it’s because I am. Thankfully, I am generally not the kind of person that lets the suckiness (suckyness?) of one area of life ruin the other areas of life.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it lacks an impact. Obesity dampens everything to some degree, even the great parts of life. Example: I’ve got two fantastic kids and a fantastic wife that I ADORE (ok, I’m addicted to them) but I feel held back by my weight.

I am an expert in weight loss, like most people who are obese. We have lost whole the equivalent of a person, at times. I know I have. Perhaps two. Continue reading

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